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Established in 1983, Family Audiology is dedicated to helping preserve hearing so that every patient can remain as active as they desire. We joined with professional ENT specialists who, like us, always place the needs of the patient first.

For over thirty years, the audiology providers at Family Audiology & Hearing Services have faithfully and honestly served the people of Utah County and northern Utah. We know and recognize that every single patient is an individual who deserves respect and courtesy. We help assist in the hearing healthcare needs of patients ranging in age from 2 weeks to 105 years old! Your hearing healthcare is our primary goal.

Our providers are skilled professionals who know and understand the latest technology and digital hearing aids which continue to evolve and amaze. We either individually or as part of a health care team, are dedicated to approaching patient care as the Golden Rule; you will be treated and helped as part of our family. This is our commitment to you.

Enjoy the sounds of life that are most important to you!

It starts with a hearing evaluation. We have four convenient locations to serve the Northern Utah area.